57 Adventures in 57 Hours
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Proof that sticking to a date on your calendar could change your life.
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“As a longtime San Diego resident, I have raised my beautiful daughter, found the love of my life, and gained an incredible son…all while trying to support an Adventure lifestyle. After years of wondering, months of planning, and hours of connecting details with places, people, and my amazing support team, it’s here. I finally put MY date on the calendar for 57 Adventures in 57 Hours in San Diego.”

WHAT is 57 Adventures in 57 Hours in San Diego
“I’m embarking on a world-record attempt for the most adventures completed in San Diego County – 57 Adventures in a nonstop 57-hour marathon. “

“I’ll be pushing my physical and emotional limits while experiencing the diverse landscapes and adventures of San Diego. From massive to micro, the adventures will take social media viewers on a journey with me as I experience, post, and promise to finish all 57 Adventures.

“On day one, you’ll see me jump out of an airplane in a heart-stopping skydive over Otay Mountain Wilderness. From there, I’ll be conquering a whirlwind of epic adventures going up to Carlsbad and then working my way southbound on the San Diego county coastline, well into the night.”

“On August 23rd, 2024, at 1 PM, the Adventure starts and will end after the last Adventure is complete on August 25th, my 57th birthday.”

“Life will easily pass you by, and faster than you think. So many people wait until they retire or save enough money, buy a house, get the perfect job, or wait until the kids are in college.

But for me, Michael Harlow, it was my 57th birthday, 2024, that inspired my 57 Adventures plan.”

“I’m here to prove that if you just Pick a Date, no matter what your age or stage in life, work your way backward, and just start planning, you can start creating your own personal adventure or life plan.
It doesn’t matter if it’s today, tomorrow, or a decade from now…just Pick a Date! Don’t wait for your life to be perfect. “

“Based on my life, adventure experiences, and proving that I finally added MY DATE to the calendar on my 57th birthday, 2024…I want to ask you ONE pivotal question… What is YOUR date?”

This is just a taste of the incredible experiences I have planned. It’ll be a grueling test of endurance, but the chance to showcase San Diego’s unparalleled adventure scene and break a world record is pure motivation!

But here’s where you come in!

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My killer crew filming and documenting the whole thing!

Meet Melissa (long-form video), Kayla (social media), and William (the driving force behind the wheel)!

This is going to be an unforgettable adventure, and I want YOU to be part of it! Get ready for some serious San Diego FOMO (fear of missing out) – because you won’t want to miss a single second of this epic quest!


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Our Adventure Team

The Creatives Who Bring it All Together

Melissa Harlow

Melissa Harlow

Project Manager

Hi. I’m Melissa Harlow and Michael’s adventure partner, and wife. I was raised in San Diego north county, graduated from San Diego State University.

I am also an award winning photographer and took all my photos here in San Diego. I love people and moments in time where you can see someone being present in their life.

My love for all things adventure started after meeting Michael. We both started documenting our adventures with video, voice over and photography and eventually we turned all that into our lifestyle.

As a full-time voice over talent, you may have heard me on commercials, social media ads, podcast intros, corporate narrations and even programs for NASA. I am also the founder of Volunteer Voice Over, partnering rising voice talent with non profit organizations who need a free voice over.

Kayla Harlow

Kayla Harlow

Head of Social Media

Hello! I am Kayla, Head of Social Media for this epic adventure. I am a San Diego native, local 2nd grade teacher, world traveler, foody, and I love capturing the moment. I have been documenting my life for as long as I can remember. I enjoy being creative and adventurous. Whether I’m surfing, hiking, painting, or spending time with friends and family, I always have my camera out to capture my zest for life. Welcome everyone to the adventure!

William Condit


Primary Driver: I will be behind the wheel, navigating the beautiful San Diego landscape and safely transporting everyone to each adventure.

Timekeeper: Keeping a watchful eye on the clock is crucial. I’ll need to factor in travel times, potential delays, and ensure timely arrival at each stop.

Logistics Guru: This goes beyond just driving. I will be the mastermind behind the itinerary, checking traffic conditions, rerouting as needed, and keeping everyone on track for the whirlwind 57 hours.

Traffic Whisperer: San Diego traffic can be unpredictable. I will need to be a master of navigating congestion, finding alternate routes, and keeping everyone calm during any unexpected delays.


Social Media Intern

We are currently looking for Social Media interns.  Contact us, if interested.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


Part 2: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

For most people, change can be uncomfortable. Even unsettling. But if you can move past the discomfort, it’s often in those awkward moments, that you will grow and evolve, as a person. In this spirited discussion, we’ll talk with Melissa and Michael Harlow who did a major life pivot in their 50’s. How did they muster the courage? And more importantly, what steps did they take to ensure they could handle it… physically, mentally and financially?

Presenters: Michael and Melissa Harlow both enjoyed successful corporate careers, and several years ago decided to quit their jobs and sell everything they own to lead a simpler life and travel the world.

Moderator: Darlynne Reyes Menkin is an award-winning journalist who worked in several different television markets including Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. before settling in San Diego. Darlynne’s journey from TV news anchor to running a successful local team building company is a unique story filled with lots of ups and downs. She was recently named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Smart Meetings, and a “Women of Influence” by the San Diego Business Journal.

When: Thursday, August 29 | 11:30 AM – 1 PM
Where: Grossmont Healthcare District’s Conference Center Auditorium (9001 Wakarusa St. La Mesa, CA 91942)
Register: Contact darlynne@groupadventures.com to reserve your spot and learn more

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