8 Best Small Travel Trailers

8 Best Small Travel Trailers

Travel trailers, pop up campers, pop up trailers, small camper trailers, whatever you want to call them, they are simply awesome.  So small, they allow you to park and/or camp anywhere.  We are always amazed at the ingenuity of the small travel trailer manufacturers that pack so much good camping gear into such a small place.  These are the 8 best small travel trailers on the market today.  

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8 Best Small Travel Trailers

1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

Amazing little rig with so much packed inside!  Not only is it fully ready to go off-road, but it is really lightweight and rugged.  It can sleep up to two adults and two children, not to mention the design is out of this world (actually a NASA inspired design).  The amazing designs don’t stop at the Cricket; TAXA Outdoors full line of amazing rigs, the Mantis, Tiger Moth, and Woolly Bear will also impress!  

Quick Features

Length:  15′

Dry Weight:  1,800 Pounds

Sleeps: 2 Adults – 2 Children

Slideouts: None, however roof pops up for more headspace and ventilation

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Light enough for almost any size vehicle to tow, this pop up / travel trailer is perfect for almost anyone that loves the outdoors.  The only drawback we could find is there is no internal toilet, so you could always opt for a nice composting toilet.

2. Forest River R-POD

Forest River R-POD

One of the favorite small travel trailers out there with so much on the interior and exterior to ensure your RV camping is a success.  The R-POD design has so many features that make it an amazing travel trailer.  With fifteen models to choose from, the configurations are almost limitless.  Check out this feature rich camping travel trailer.

Quick Features

Length:  18′ to 22′

Dry Weight:  2,400 – 3,600 Pounds (depending on what model you choose – 15 models to choose from)

Sleeps: 2 Adults – 2 Children

Slideouts: One slideout, depending upon which model you select

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The R-POD is the first of its kind to offer you affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class. The R-POD is a perfect example of “form follows function,” with its unique shape and construction!

3. Hero Ranger

Hero Ranger 

This amazing little rugged camper trailer is built to get out there and have fun doing it.  The reason why it’s ranked as one of the 8 Best Small Travel Trailers is so many things are packed into this little RV trailer and it even comes with an option to bring more people with the Hero Skybox that fits on the roof.  Too cool!  Look here for the USA distributors.  

Quick Features

Length:  16′

Dry Weight:  1,700 lbs to 1,900 lbs (depending on options)

Sleeps: 2 Adults standard with option for 2 more Adults in Skybox on roof

Slideouts: No slideouts

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One of the best thing about the Hero Camper is the ability to customize this little rugged travel trailer.  Customization’s include: Gas heater, Solar panel, Bike carrier, Universal sports
gear carrier, Battery package, Decorative foil (custom design) and Awnings (Isabella and Thule). 

4. Forest River Rockwood ESP (Extreme Sports Package)

Forest River Rockwood ESP (Extreme Sports Package) 

This camping trailer is built for adventurous couples and families.  With 10 models to choose from, we are sure you can find the right pop up camper trailer for you.  These travel trailer also come in soft wall or hard wall configurations.  

Quick Features

Length:  12’1″ to 30’8″ (depending on model selected)

Dry Weight:  1,722 lbs to 3,377 lbs (depending on model selected)

Sleeps: 2 to 4 Adults (depending on model selected)

Slideouts: 1 Slideout (depending on model selected)

Click  here to see the full specs!

5. Vintage Overland Lawrence

Overland Vintage Lawrence

A beautifully made teardrop travel trailer.  It is built for some serious off road RV fun.  Super light weight, this trailer can be towed by almost any vehicle.  Also, it is hand built in Grand Junction, Colorado.  

Quick Features

Length:  12′ including tongue

Dry Weight:  Super light weight at 900 lbs

Sleeps: 2 Adults

Slideouts: No slideouts

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These little travel trailer teardrops even come with an outdoor shower, solar powered battery, built in fan, memory foam mattress, tinted windows with screens and a lot more.  Check them out!

TAB S Teardrop Camper

We love to boondock and this is an amazing teardrop camper.  With off road tires and a solidly built frame, it will get you there.  We love the light bar and the roof racks on the Boondock Edge S Series.  

Quick Features

Length: Just over 15′

Dry Weight:  1,908 lbs

Sleeps: 2 Adults

Slideouts: No slideouts

Click here to see the full specs! 

As with a lot of the teardrop camper trailers, you can customize your own design.  The standard features include; a central fan, a queen bed, alloy wheels and even a wet bath!  The options really impressed us with; custom colors for trim, exterior and cushions, not to mention all the options you can add!

7. Escapod


These incredible small teardrop trailers are in so much demand that there is a fifteen months waiting list to get them built. We are sure there are some used ones out there but the newest ones are insane and they have so much new technology inside and out.  

Quick Features

Length: Just over 12′ 6″

Dry Weight:  1,600 lbs

Sleeps: 2 Adults

Slideouts: No slideouts

Click  here to see the full specs! 

Wow!  Just when we thought we saw it all we found this amazing and well build teardrop camping trailer.  It has so much that we can’t even explain it all in this writeup.  You have to see this for yourself.  If you have a chance, rent one and see for yourself how incredible it is.  The area of the rental is probably one of the most hiking and nature rich places in the contiguous United States. 

8. Patriot Campers X1

Patriot Campers X1

An Australian camper trailer that has quite a following in the USA.  It is a pretty pricey camper, however when you see all the options you have with it, you will simply be blown away.  The company makes four models of camping trailers and also makes a toy hauler version.  When you go to their website, check out their line of trucks too!  

Quick Features

Length: 11′

Dry Weight:  2,070 lbs

Sleeps: 2 – 8 Adults!  (depending on options selected)

Slideouts: Multiple – but not in the way that you’re thinking.  You have to check it out!

Click  here to see the full specs! 

You get what you pay for with this packed off road camping trailer.  With standard features such as: Rear Drawers incl. 6 Dividers, Twin Burner Gas Stove & Grill, Gas Hot Water Service, 270o Awning With Gas Assisted Lift, 155L Water Tank Capacity, 2 x Gel Batteries 150AH (each),  X-Cruise Coil 1.60T Dual Shock Suspension, CS3 Integrated Tent With Change Room, Electric Drum Brakes, PCOR 16” Wheels – ET0 & 33” Mud Terrain Tyres (x3) and so much more, it’s easy to see why this off road camping trailer is so awesome. 




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