Adventure Hiking Scavenger Hunt

Adventure Hiking Scavenger Hunt

Who loves a Scavenger Hunt? We do!!!

We will meet in the local parking lot and go over the ground rules. There will be two different Scavenger Hunts (Difficult and Challenging) depending upon your fitness and hiking skill level. Please choose the appropriate skill level because when we say it’s difficult, it’s difficult!

We will hand out our Adventure Hiking Scavenger Hunt info sheets and then we’re off!

This is a little different concept from most scavenger hunts, as we will all be together as one group and the object of the game is whoever finds the most items, wins!

We will laugh, learn and have an overall blast as we search out on pre-determined trails to find the objects listed on your info sheets.

Items include but are not limited to: Finding certain structures, rock formations and bodies of water, looking for animals like deer, rattlesnakes, coyotes, tarantulas, horned lizards and identifying certain types of trees, herbs, bushes and much more.

You will walk away from this hike more informed and wanting to share your experience with others.