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How an Island Packet and Seaward Yacht Sailboat is Built

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How an Island Packet and Seaward Yacht Sailboat is Built If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know that we sailed across the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia (The Marquesas, The Tuamotu’s & the Society Islands) then Hawaii and back to San Diego, CA in our 1996, Island Packet 37 cutter rig sailboat. When […]

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2019 Has Been a Year of Change

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I apologize for not keeping in this blog up-to-date. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I have been super-busy, but that’s no excuse. 2019 has been an incredible change for both Melissa and I.   Let’s just call 2019, the Year of the Hustle.   Changing careers is not […]

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Surfing – Live in the Moment

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Surfing – Live in the Moment   Why are Surfers so Laid Back? Surfing for me started back when I was just 6 years old.  My two older brothers were surfers, so, of course, I was going to be a surfer too.  It was one of the best peer pressure decisions I’ve ever made. Since […]

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Earn a Living While You Travel

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Earn a Living While You Travel A Few Ideas to Earn a Living While Traveling Where you are in the world will directly affect how much money you can make.  If you are in a country that is very inexpensive to live, such as Indonesia, it’s probably best to sell to tourists. Making jewelry and […]

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Traveling? Become a Local

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Traveling? Become a Local Try Something New   Immerse Yourself Buying local not only helps the local economy, it also helps you immerse yourself in the local culture. Seeing someone fly all the way to Japan, only to eat at McDonald’s really trips me out.  You’re traveling not only to see the sites and sounds, […]

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Networking with Locals

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Networking with Locals It’s All Who You Know   Networking With The Locals Always, always, always try to connect with some locals before you go to your destination. There are so many websites out there to find like-minded locals who want to meet you too.  Remember our mantra, “It’s all who you know!” When going […]