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Intro to The Adventure Travelers


Hello and Welcome to The Adventure Travelers Blog.

The blog is meant to inspire you to travel more, add a little more adventure to your life and give you ideas on different ways to think and do things as you LIVE life.

I guess you would probably want to know who we are, so here’s a little background.

My name is Michael Harlow and will be posting the majority of the blog material.  My lovely wife Melissa will be adding her spin on things from time to time and she will be watching over my shoulder to ensure I keep things positive and happy.  I tend to be a realist sometimes and not everyone wants the dirty truth.

I have always been an adventure traveler.  Growing up with two older brothers and parents who encouraged me to be bold, I searched for an adrenaline rush whenever I could.  I started surfing when I was 8 years old and spent most of my life at the beach.  We rode our bikes everywhere and at 16 I was racing for a bike and hike store (also a bike mechanic there) and rode up to 75 miles a day.  I soon realized that riding my bike from Redondo Beach to Malibu in a day, was easy and I wanted more.  I made plans to ride my bike from the border of Oregon down through California and pitched it to my parents.  They approved the plan but wanted me to have a “buddy” to ride with.  It’s a long story (maybe I’ll write about it later) but I found a friend of a friend that was crazy enough to go with me, and soon enough we were crossing the Oregon border heading south through California at the age of 16.

Since that trip, I was hooked.  As soon as I graduated High School I moved to Maui, Hawaii.  Within a year of living in the tropics, I knew I wanted more.  I joined the US Coast Guard and traveled extensively.  The travel bug took hold and when I left with an honorable discharge I set off to see the world.  See my travel list here:

After more than 10 years of traveling, some college and working a variety of jobs I had been married twice and had a beautiful baby girl, Kayla.  Being a single parent was the pride of my life but I wanted my daughter to have a brother and I was missing a “best friend” that I wanted to spend my life with.

I went on and filled out the profile and was brutally honest and listed that I wanted to sail around the world in 10 years and if my match didn’t want to, then please keep looking for others.  To my surprise, Melissa emailed me (out of her 5,000 + potential suitors) and we went on our first date.  It was literally fireworks (4th of July) from the moment we met.  I met my soulmate and she had a wonderful son, William who would be a great addition to our family.

Melissa is a mountain girl from West Virginia who grew up primarily in Escondido, California.  Her wanderlust was to find adventure with a partner who could keep up with her.  She had a fair amount of travel under her belt and she craved for more.

She knew about my 10 year plan, so for a surprise gift she gave me a membership to the Harbor Island Yacht Club and we rented our first yacht for a weekend.  Did I mention she was the perfect catch!

We began biking, hiking, sailing and so much more together.  Of course we wanted to introduce our children to travel and adventure, so we took many vacations locally and abroad to get them motivated to explore different cultures, ways of living and so on.

Our The Adventure Travelers Facebook Page has a lot of pictures of our previous trips with our children and many of The Adventure Travelers journeys.

We have also been featured in several articles, if you’re interested.

Share Magazine Cover- before the trip, Share Magazine Cover – after the trip and Latitude 38 – Page 58.

We are going to begin this blog with our Pacific Puddle Jump sailing voyage to Mexico and French Polynesia and move forward from there.  We may jump back from time to time to give you some really good info on some of our past adventures like exploring the mud caves of Anza Borrego or hiking the Top Down Narrows hike in Zion National Park.  Hopefully, regardless of what topics I’m writing about, you will find some interesting facts, links, humor and the content will be something you want to share with others.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

We look forward to your comments and due to our extensive future travels, maybe we will even meet in person someday.

Michael & Melissa


Life life while you’re alive!


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