Roamly RV Insurance Review 2023 | How Good Are They?

Roamly RV Insurance Review 2023

Roamly RV Insurance Review | Will Roamly Meet Your Expectations?

Are you a frequent traveler who loves to go on road trips with your RV? If so, then Roamly RV Insurance Policy may sound like music to your ears. Roamly has been providing insurance coverage for RVs and they are known for their competitive rates and tailor-made solutions. But the question is, are they worth it?

This article will take a look at the pros and cons of using Roamly’s RV Insurance. We’ll consider factors such as price, coverage options, customer service reviews, and more to help you make an informed decision about whether or not these guys are good enough for your needs. After all, when it comes to protecting your precious ride, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best! Okay, let’s check out the Roamly RV Insurance Review!


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Tell Me More About Roamly

Roamly was created with a simple mission: provide reliable and affordable RV insurance for all sorts of adventurers. From weekend warriors to full-time nomads, their coverage has got everyone covered. With plans tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget, you can finally embark on that epic road trip without worrying about breaking the bank.

Roamly was created by the same team the peer-to-peer sharing platform, Outdoorsy.  So, they make it easy to insure your rig, especially, if you rent it out to make extra money.  

Roamly is a brand-new agency created by fed-up RVers who were frustrated with traditional RV insurance companies. Get a Free Quote from Roamly in Minutes.

Sorry, but this blog post isn’t going to get into any Good Sam RV insurance reviews or Progressive RV insurance reviews.  It’s all about the Roamly RV Insurance Review here.

What About Customer Service?

At Roamly RV Insurance, they understand the importance of customer service and that’s why their support team is entirely in-house and US-based. They are not like those other insurance companies that outsource their customer service to a call center in some faraway land. No, no, no! They prefer to keep it close to home so you can get the best possible service when you need it most.

Their friendly and experienced team is there to provide quality assistance with any questions or concerns you may have about your Roamly RV Insurance policy. Whether you want help filing a claim or just need some friendly advice on how to stay safe while out on the open road, they’ve got your back every step of the way.

Insurance and RV Rental

For those who need a little extra freedom, Roamly is there to help. Founded in 2015 as a sister company to Outdoorsy, the leading RV rental marketplace, Roamly was created to solve the problem of no-rental restrictions. For all you adventurers out there – this one’s for you!

Offering RV insurance policies designed specifically for renters, Roamly makes sure that everyone can hit the open road with peace of mind. No more worries about depreciation or liability – Roamly has it covered. With coverage options ranging from full-time use to occasional rentals, they make sure that no matter how often you roam around, your trips will be worry-free. 

Have you ever thought about renting out your RV? If so, you may want to look elsewhere than traditional RV insurance companies. That’s right – these companies don’t allow their customers to rent out their RVs and will drop them if they find out they’re doing it.

When it comes to this Roamly RV Insurance Review, it can be a tricky business. With so much jargon and fine print, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when purchasing the right coverage. But if you manage to look past the shiny promises of full coverage, one thing you should always pay careful attention to is the commercial exclusion clause that other insurance companies use.

Quite simply put, this clause excludes coverage for any losses or damages that are related to using the RV for commercial purposes such as renting out your recreational vehicle or using it as a mobile billboard. This means that if you’re planning on making money off your RV, you should make sure your policy explicitly states that it covers all aspects of commercial usage—or else you might end up regretting ever reading between those fine lines!

Roamly simply allows RV owners to rent out their rig without breaking the terms and conditions of their policies.

Roamly’s personal lines coverage doesn’t actually cover the vehicle and/or renter when it’s being rented. Instead, during the rental period, the RV and the renter are covered by the insurance product that renters must purchase when they rent an RV on Outdoorsy (it works the same way on RVShare as well). 

Roamly allows customers to insure the rental of their RV with liability coverage and physical damage coverage so they can feel secure when someone rents from them. Plus, with Roamly, customers can save up to 25% on the cost of insuring a rental compared to traditional RV insurance providers!

Does Roamly Insurance Cover Conversion Vans?

Conversion Van Interior

Did you know that most RV insurance companies won’t cover DIY van conversions? That’s right, if you’re planning to convert a van into your own personal mobile paradise and hit the open road, you could be out of luck when it comes to finding coverage.

It seems like the perfect way to save some cash — buy an old van for cheap and then turn it into a cozy home on wheels. But don’t get too excited yet! You might think that RV insurance would have your back in case something goes wrong with your conversion, but chances are they won’t cover any potential damages or mishaps.

To all conversion van owners out there – rejoice! Roamly RV Insurance has got you covered. Whether your van is a classic beauty or a modern marvel, Roamly has you sorted when it comes to protecting your investment.

If you’re like most of us, your beloved conversion van is something that’s close to your heart and the last thing you want is for something to happen to it while on the road. Now, with Roamly RV Insurance, you can rest assured that if anything untoward happens, they’re got you covered.

From theft protection and 24/7 roadside assistance to total loss cover as well as liability coverage, Roamly RV Insurance provides peace of mind so that your only worry on the road will be what snacks you should pick up for lunch tomorrow!

They also cover RV trailers.  When you’re done reading this Roamly RV Insurance Review, check out our other blog post on the 8 Best Small Travel Trailers.

Does Roamly Offer Full-Timer RV Insurance?

RV Rental Playing Cards The Adventure Travelers scaled

Are you living the full-time RV life and in need of insurance? Look no further – Roamly has your back! Whether you’re a recent retiree or an adventurous millennial, Roamly is the perfect choice for all your full-time RV needs. No more worrying about finding coverage for your rolling home on wheels – with Roamly, you can rest easy knowing that your home and belongings are safe.

Plus, it doesn’t get much easier than this – just enter a few simple details online, and voila – you have yourself some full-time RV insurance!

Do We Have Roamly Insurance?

You bet your sweet RV, we do!

It was so easy too. The online form is so quick that you can do it in less than 10 minutes AND SAVE BIG BUCKS. Just go to the Roamly Insurance login to begin.

I am a total fan, in case you didn’t get that yet. We rent our RV on Outdoorsy, RVshare, and RVezy when we aren’t using it. It only makes sense to be completely covered when we are renting it and when we are using it ourselves.

Insurance Coverage and Benefits

When it comes to RV insurance, Roamly RV Insurance offers more than just a “roll of the dice.” With coverage that covers everything from tires to transmissions, you’ll be ready for any road trip adventure! Their comprehensive coverage includes liability protection, collision damage, and much more. Plus, with their 24/7 roadside assistance program, you won’t have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road when something goes wrong. And with discounts available based on your driving record and vehicle type, it’s easy to get an affordable policy that suits your needs. Get a Free Quote from Roamly in Minutes.

Liability Protection

There are 2 kinds of liability insurance to give protection to the other party.

1. Property damage liability insurance – covers your liability if your own vehicle injures another person’s home (such as a fence, garage door, etc.).

2. Bodily injury liability insurance – covers your liability if your action injures a third party.

Liability protection is required in nearly every state.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive covers RV damage from things other than collisions, including issues like hail, theft, and vandalism.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage enables reimbursement if you choose not to sue for the repair of your automobile after a mishap. And that’s regardless of who or what is at fault.

Medical Payments Coverage

If you are involved in a car collision, this insurance will reimburse you or your passengers for medical costs.

Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Coverage

If there’s insufficient insurance (or no insurance) for medical expenses, under these conditions, uninsured driver coverage steps in.

Roadside Assistance

Your RV has broken down, and roadside assistance arrives. They can aid you with towing, fueling, battery jumpstarting, and a great deal more.

Full-time Motorhome Insurance

Roamly specializes in a full-time motorhome insurance policy for those who stay in their RV for at least 6 months out of the year.

Full-time RV insurance coverage will cover all of the above, plus:

Loss assessment for HOA fees

Emergency expense coverage for temporary housing if your RV is not liveable after a covered incident.

Adjacent structures coverage on any stand-alone structures on your site (porches, carports, decks) will be covered.

Debris Removal includes clearing out rubble after a covered incident usually involves some light rubbish removal.


Coverage for RV Owners Renting out their RV

Many RV insurance providers drop your policy when you rent out your motorhome or camper. Roamly is not one of them. If you rent out your RV on platforms like Outdoorsy, you’ll be covered by your Roamly policy.

Roof Repair

Roof repair from Roamly may cover fully the cost of replacing your roof of your recreational vehicles if you face any damage.

Rodents Protection

Should anything happen to your RV with rodents like mice or raccoons, this coverage will pay for the damage (such as chewing wires).

Commercial RV insurance

If you frequently rent three or more RVs out, consider a commercial policy. It covers all risks involved with operating a rental company. Roamly, therefore, lowers rates by lowering the cost of insuring only the time of rental by your customers, because the individual is responsible for insurance rented for the duration of the time.

Will Roamly Cover My RV?

Best RV Boondocking scaled

Roamly is adept at offering RV insurance to owners of any trailer, including Travel trailers, Motorhomes, Pop-Up campers, Fifth wheels, Campervans, and more. So, yeah, they probably have you covered.

Roamly Pet Insurance

Hiking Dog in Backpack

Roamly is unlocking the ability for American pet owners to purchase the right animal insurance for their pets. More information on this pet insurance product can be found at pet-insurance.

According to a report from the RV Industry Association, 72 million Americans are planning to go RVing in the next year, up from 61 million in 2020. As the number of Americans who hit the road to their homes has increased, so too has their demand for luxury accommodations for their furry friends , which the travel industry is taking care of with growth in the number of pet-friendly locations and accommodations.

Roamly’s pet insurance policies will be extended to anybody in Outdoorsy and U.S. pet owners. Therefore, guests and hosts alike will be provided with access to insurance through Outdoorsy that covers animals against health problems, illnesses, accidents, dental diseases, and behavioral issues.

Big Discounts Await with Roamly

Roamly’s rates might not be the lowest on the market, but their customer commitment is unparalleled. You can end up saving lots of money compared with companies like Good Sam or National General if you rent your RV through Outdoorsy!

Roamly offers you the option of acquiring various discount codes, which will help you save on your policy.

Rent & Save Discount:  This discount is available in the second year (Year 2) for a renewal or discount of up to 25 percent based on the percentage they rented out equipment on Outdoorsy the previous year. The higher the percentage, the greater the discount on the premium!

Outdoorsy Discount: RV owners who have their RVs listed there or who plan to list their RVs there within 30 days of purchasing a policy qualify for this discount.

Membership and Affinity Discounts: In numerous states, they can also provide a discount if the owner of a recreational vehicle is or is affiliated with certain RV-related organizations, such as­ but not limited to: KOA, Thousand Trails, Escapees, Harvest Hosts, FMCA, RVillage, and many more.

Good Driver Discount: If you have maintained a low-risk driving history (few to no tickets or accidents on your insurance), you can qualify for this good-driver discount.

Long-Term Coverage Discount: If you’ve had auto insurance for the past six months and have no gaps in coverage, you may qualify for a discount.

Previous RV Experience Discount: If you can prove that you’ve previously driven and used an RV, Roamly may be able to lessen your rates.



Our Closing Thoughts

Roamly is an RV insurance company comprising RV enthusiasts. They use value-added services in addition to competitive pricing and premium ratings for all customers.

At the time, their agents specialize in RVs, empowering them to offer much better expert services to you.  They may branch out to homeowners insurance in the near future.

Overall, they are a fantastic company and I will be sticking with them for the long term.

Here is their information:

Any questions we didn’t answer in our Roamly RV Insurance Review that you need to be answered?  Please comment below and let us know.


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  1. Note that Roamly explicitly does not cover the vehicle during Delivery Period in addition to not covering it during the rental period, with the expectation that the rental network will cover it for the trip from the Garaging location to delivery to the guest.

    This applies to all rental networks, including Outdoorsy their sister company.

    This is covered under the “VEHICLE RENTAL NETWORK ENDORSEMENT” section with the text:

    “You are not insured under this policy during the delivery period or during the rental period.”


    “The rental company has primary insurance coverage during the delivery period and rental

    I rented my RV out via RVEzy and am investigating what is covered by their insurance policy for hosts, i.e. Commercial Insurance., and what it will cover during the delivery period.

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