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Sailing Destinations

Sail with us on our YouTube Channel to Mexico, French Polynesia, Hawaii, the West Coast and more!


How We Did It

Learn how we made a plan, downsized and executed our sailboat cruising plan with an exit plan in place.


Boat Manufacture & Safety

Learn how our Island Packet Yacht was made and the Top 10 Safety Features of our yacht.

Our sailing and sailboat cruising blog will take you on a journey on how we started by minimizing everything and saving money to begin our sailing adventure. We sailed over 11,000 miles in just under a year cruising Mexico and sailing across the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia, Hawaii and back to San Diego

Our sailing journey is also captured on our YouTube Channel / TheAdventureTravelers.  Become a subscriber to our channel and never miss an episode.  We are continuously uploading new videos.  These videos show you how our story begins, traveling through Mexico, crossing the Pacific Ocean, sailing through French Polynesia and sailing to Hawaii and crossing the Pacific Ocean once again to bring our yacht back home to San Diego.  Also how, I became a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain with sailing endorsement and some of my sailboat deliveries.

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Sailing to Moorea several times on our sailboat cruising journey. This blogpost has the most views.


We explore the Hawaiian island of Kauai and hike, sail and adventure all around the island. Amazing place


Sailing Mexico and the Baja coast is an amazing experience and we meet some amazing people and sail in 20' waves.


Loving life in the wonderfully beautiful atolls of the South Pacific. The Tuamotu atolls are amazing.

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Beginning the Journey

Our Story Begins Want to Go on a Sailing Adventure? We, (Michael and Melissa of The Adventure Travelers) planned for over ten years and finally made the leap. We sold our house and moved into a rental (three years prior to leaving our home port of San Diego, California), we sold one of our cars,

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Sailing – Mexico – Baja Coast

Sailing – Mexico – Baja Coast   Departing San Diego “What’s going on with this thing?  Why isn’t it working?” Probably not the comments you want to come from your husband 20 minutes before you depart on a 10,500 mile sailing adventure. I’m pretty excited to get out of port but in my haste, I

Harlow Hut from Air

Sailing – Mexico – Sea of Cortez

Sailing – Mexico – Sea of Cortez   Puerto Los Cabos I believe in planning ahead and I knew even before we departed San Diego, that we would want to have a few nights on land after being at sea for so long.  In my past professional life I traveled a lot and as a