USA – Washington DC – One more family stop

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USA – Washington DC – One more family stop

Washington DC

When we were last in Boston, Melissa’s nephew inadvertently left his suit in Melissa’s mom and dad’s hotel room.   We now have the suit and it was a perfect excuse to go see him and his wife in Washington DC.  Note: we were going to go see them anyway. 

Like Boston, it is really difficult to get into Washington DC with an RV, so we decided to stay at Lake Fairfax Park, just outside of the city. 

This campsite offers great facilities and even had a skateboard park (which I took full advantage of). 

Since Melissa’s biological dad is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, we decided to stop by and pay our respects.  Arlington has a lot of history.  We got to visit John F. Kennedy’s grave, as well as see a few other well-known people’s burial sites and we even got a chance to see the changing of the guard.  

We did the obligatory drive through Washington D.C. to see all the sites and then went on to visit Anthony and his wonderful pregnant wife, Alicia. 

Anthony made a great chicken dinner (and his dog stole some too) and we got to meet Alicia’s wonderful parents.   

Once again, we had to say goodbye to family and head further north.  

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We ended up using another Harvest Hosts location just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Hauser Estate Winery was a great place to meet our friends from San Diego who had relocated to Gettysburg quite a while ago. 

We had drinks and decided to meet up the next day for a personalized tour of Gettysburg.  Sharon’s husband Bill is a retired National Park Ranger who specializes in American history. 

Sharon and Bill also have a friend who offered their front yard to us.  They lived about 25 minutes outside of Gettysburg in a beautiful location.  We drove over in the morning and boondocked in their front yard.  They were on vacation, so we actually never even got to meet them.  What nice people.

Since Gettysburg is such a large national park, we decided to drive in one car all throughout the park.  There are various locations which show the battles that took place and numerous memorials throughout. Once again, it was great to have a personalized guide. 

We had dinner with Sharon and Bill at their house and laughed over old times and new alike. 

Melissa and I left early the next day and drove for hours and knew that we needed an oil change.  We called a Jiffy Lube while we were on the road to see if they would take RVs and we were happy to find out they did.  

We pulled off the highway and found the Jiffy Lube nearby.  The owner of the Jiffy Lube actually had the same style RV that we did and he said his RV fit perfectly in the bay.  They helped us maneuver the RV in with the Prius on the tow dolly, since I really didn’t want to take it off if I didn’t have to.  The oil change went very easily and quickly and we made this video since we were so impressed.  

After our brief stop, we got on the road for many more hours of driving and finally decided to pull over and stay overnight at our first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store parking lot and in honor of them letting us use their parking lot, Melissa and I had dinner at 11 o’clock in the evening and let me tell you, those biscuits and gravy were delicious. 


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