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Where Do you Search for the Best RV Education?

Best Online RV Learning

Looking for the Best Online RV Learning on the internet these days is no easy task.  There are so many websites, apps, and social media places to go, that it is overwhelming when you don’t know what sites are going to give you the best information, in the most concise amount of time.

According to a new survey from the RV Industry Association, 61 million Americans plan to go RVing in the next 12 months.  This is up from 46 million when this question was asked in May of 2020.  The RV learning curve is sharp, so plan your Best Online RV Learning now.  

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Is Social Media the Right Forum for Best Online RV Learning?

We have all seen the amazing pictures on Instagram and other social media of places and RV’s we desire.  Usually the posts that gain the most attention are the, “best of the best” breed and don’t really keep in touch with reality.  Of course, having the million dollar RV and setup just like in the pictures, for most of us, that is not reality.  

So social media has its place but when it comes to real life education, it may be a little too glossy and the advice you receive may not be from a verified educational source.

Free RV Educational Resources

Online forums have been around since the beginning of the internet.  People love to share ideas and information which is a great resource that is free and you can learn a lot from other peoples mistakes and/or their ingenuity. is one of the most comprehensive and best free RV resource out there.  There are also forums directly related to the RV you have or are thinking of purchasing.  

Forest River Forums

Thor Forums

Airstream Trailer & Motorhome Owners Community

Other RV Forums

Paid RV Educational Resources

Paying for RV education may be the best way to gain as much quality RV knowledge you can, in the shortest amount of time.  Learning from RV pros is always a good choice.  The resources below are the best of the best and have been thoroughly vetted.  These are some of the top RV educators in the RV industry since they have lived the life and know all about the RV lifestyle.

RV Masterclass

An amazing immersive online video experience from people who live the RV life.  The RV Masterclass currently have six sought after RV courses.

RV Buyers Bootcamp

Preparing to Full Time RV

Boondocking 101

Signature Course Bundle (all three courses above in one bundle)

Ready to Road School

Full Time RV Family Starter Bundle

RV Education 101

The RV Education 101 program has everything you need in one website.  The programs are broken down into several different RV educational categories including videos and e-books.  The company was founded in 1999 by RV professionals and has been a staple RV education source for decades.

The RV Education 101 blog is an amazing resource as well.  Lots of free information in this RV blog as well as their YouTube channel.  

Pricing for the RV Education 101 products varies.  With easy reading guides like the Guide – Trailer Towing, Weights & Safe Towing Explained for only $3.99 to the 18-Course video & ebook bundles for $199, you will flatten that RV learning curve quickly.  

Combining RV courses, videos and ebooks, the RV Education 101 bundles are your best value.  Depending upon which type of RV you have or are looking to purchase, here are some programs that may be the right fit for you.

Haven’t Purchased an RV Yet?

Renting the type of RV you are looking to purchase may be a great way to dip your toes into the RV lifestyle.  There are lots of stories where people have spent a considerable amount of money on an RV that they thought was perfect, only to have it not work out for one reason or another.  Sometimes the RV is too big or too small, the truck they have won’t pull the fifth wheel they purchased and many other stories.  Renting an RV first can save you a lot of headaches.  

If you have found the perfect RV and yet, still haven’t purchased, the course, “How to Buy the Right RV and Save Thousands” is only $44 and answers a lot of your RV purchasing questions and can save you quite a bit of cash.

Ready to Plan an RV Trip

Now that you’ve become RV educated and you’re ready to hit the road, you now need to plan your RV trip.  

The RV Trip Wizard is the perfect RV trip planning resource.  It is one of a suite of products from RV Life that includes; RV Life App, Campground Reviews, Maintain My RV, and RV Communities.  They have a great 7 day free trial but once you see the benefits, get the RV Life Pro bundle with all the products for only $49. The features are built specifically for RVers.  The Visual RV Trip Planner has the most advanced features available. It uses distance rings to show exactly where you’ll be at the end of your driving day to choose the ideal stop. It customizes RV Safe Routes to the height & weight of your RV. Avoid low clearances, steep grades, weight limits, and propane restrictions.

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