How Waterfall Hikes Are The New Hotness

Kanarra Falls Waterfall scaled

Kanarra Falls

Hiking to Kanarra Falls

The video above will give you the entire trip, however if you want to read about the adventure, continue on…


Plan and reserve early

Well, we went to these amazing falls in October, which is usually after the main summer rush of people.  This is one of our favorite Waterfall Hikes.  We went online and got our tickets at

They only allow 150 people a day to hike to the falls which makes it much more enjoyable than the hundreds, if not thousands of people, like at close by The Narrows of Zion.


Dino at waterfall scaled

Bring sun protection

The first 1/3 of the hike could be in full sun, so plan accordingly.  It gets super hot in the summer.  Bring water, wear sunscreen, and just be prepared.  

The water is freezing

Go to the website for more information.  One thing they tell you is that the water is really cold, well… heed their warning, it is freezing.  We saw many people in Teva type sandals and I heard one brawny looking man say, “I’m just about at my limit, physically.”  Yes.  The water is that cold.  

Plan on climbing ladders

Climbing the ladders up the waterfalls is a lot of fun.  Sure, the views are incredible and you are awestruck half the time but you have to at least climb the first ladder.  It’s really not that hard and you will be glad you did.  The waterfalls get prettier as you go upriver.  An excellent waterfall hike.

Stay nearby

Red Ledge RV Park scaled

We found an RV campsite at the Red Ledge RV Park & Campground.  Read our review on 

Check out another incredible hike nearby the town of Kanarraville!  

Spring Creek Canyon Hike

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