We Found the Best RV Boondocking Spot in Utah

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Best RV Boondocking Spot in Utah

Amazing RV Boondocking Spot

We searched all over the internet and finally found what we believe to be the best boondocking (dry camping) spot in Utah.  Nestled among the amazing painted desert, our RV boondocking spot had the best view we have ever slept at with no other people within miles.  

How We Found It

Before we even left our home, I usually plan our RV/Hiking trips the following way.

  1. Using the AllTrails app (or website), I seek out the best hikes in the area, in this case, Southern Utah, and narrow down what hikes we would like to do.  Once I narrow down a handful of hikes, I go to step two.
  2. I then use Google Maps to get a large overview of what hikes are in what destinations.  I group my hikes into categories, like how difficult, how long it will take to do the hike, and then the distance from where I want to camp.  
  3. Then comes the Campendium app (or website).  I search this to find out the nearest free sites (usually Bureau of Land Management – BLM lands).  The location of this amazing site can be found if you click on the Campendium website link – Above
  4. Once I find a site I like, I then go back to Google Maps and zoom in on the road, conditions, how rugged it looks, how far away from the main road it is, if there are numerous turn around spots, etc.  

Print Maps and Hikes Before You Leave

If it looks like a good fit, I’ll print out the information and map it.  Knowing that Utah (and a lot of other boondocking spots around the USA) have little to no internet, a hard map in hand is always a great backup.  I always print topo maps of hikes we will be on as well since cell signals are often non-existent and if my mobile phone dies for some reason, I have a hard copy backup.  Since I’m a sailboat captain, this is always my mantra.  Have backups and sometimes, backups to backups.  

Location, Location, Location

The actual spot is located about eight miles off of Highway 89.  There are lots of hikes around this area.  Where we parked, it is about fifteen minutes to the highway and about ten to twenty minutes to the turnoffs to The Wave, The Nautilus, Wire Pass, Toadstools, and many other hikes in the area.  (See our other videos on our YouTube channel). 

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What You Will Find Here

This spot is incredible.  We hiked right out of our RV and had a blast.  Lots of little washes, painted desert hills, goblin looking rock formations, wind caves, and much more.  The now decimated original town of Paria has been burned down by an arsonist so there is not much “town” left anymore.  This was a movie set for the Clint Eastwood movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales back when the town was a town.  You will also see the small cemetery.  

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All To Ourselves

We stayed at this location for three nights and didn’t have one neighbor the entire time.  Sure, we had some people drive by to check out the little burned down township but no one stayed longer than an hour.  

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  1. Beautiful place, but unless you give GPS coordinates it’s like telling someone I live about 10 miles south of Salt Lake, and its really nice here. Good pics but useless information.

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