Why Spring Creek Canyon Hike is the Secret Ingredient

Spring Creek Canyon

Spring Creek Canyon Hike

Leeds Canyon scaled

Boondocking with Our RV

In San Diego, We woke up at 2 Am and our RV was already packed and ready to go.  We loaded, “Pepe, the Prius” on to our tow dolly and departed at 3 Am.  Driving at night through Southern California really makes the expedition start off on the right note.  No stress and having that feeling of, “change” since we typically are not driving around at 3 Am.  

Long before our journey I researched and plotted our course and knew exactly where we would be heading the first day.  We arrived just outside of Leeds, Utah in the morning and although my research was sound, we still unloaded the car from the tow dolly, so we could drive up the narrow roads before driving our RV with a loaded tow dolly up some sketchy roads we only saw on the internet.  

We drove up the road past sites 1,2,3 & 4 and finally found that site 5 was unoccupied.  Not only that, it was pretty level.  We drove back and I drove the RV up to the site, as Melissa followed in the Prius.  

We found this incredible place by using the Campendium App.  It’s an amazing resource.  

Site #5 was perfect.  If we wanted to, we could back the RV into a nicer area overlooking the cliffs, however, we knew we would only be there one night, so we just parked in the pull-through. 

Within minutes, we were already out and hiking around the area to see what was around.   

Local Hikes in Leeds

Hiking Boondocking scaled

Although there are a lot of nearby hikes, we wanted to venture off and check out the area in the immediate area.  On our first hike, I wanted to scale the ravine across from our RV.  We set out on a quick adventure only to realize that the rocks on the cliff were very unstable and we didn’t want to start the trip off with an injury, so we turned back before it got too dangerous.  

If you’re ever in the area, check out the local Red Cliffs Recreation Area.  

Children's Forest at the Kiln

Childrens Forest scaled

Our next little sojourn took us to the Children’s Forest at the Kiln which was right up the road from our campsite.  

Funny little side story, as we were driving up the road, checking out the sights, I thought I heard someone down in the gully yell for help.  I slowed down the car, got out and called out.  No answer.  I looked around and couldn’t see or hear anything, so we continued on.  As we were driving out, I told Melissa to keep an ear out for what I heard earlier.  We both listened intently as I drove slowly down the road.  Then… I heard something!  It was an overflow water valve on the side of the road hissing and spewing otherworldly sounds.  Too funny.  At least I could sleep easily that night knowing, no one was in trouble.  

Okay, back to the Kiln.  After driving by many incredible boondocking (dry camping) sites, we finally found a small dirt parking lot.  We got out and walked down the pathways to the Kiln.  It was a pretty walk and the Kiln was built in the late 1880s and was still in incredible shape.  

Melissa and I played in the local area for a bit and went back to the RV.  

Red Ledge RV Park and Campground

Red Ledge Campground scaled

Knowing that we were going to be doing some hikes in the Kanarraville area, we made our RV campground reservations a week ahead of time.  Since we travel off-season, we felt this was adequate.  If you are going to visit in the Summer, you may want to make a reservation way in advance.  

The Park and Campgrounds were great.  You can read our reviews on Campendium

Spring Creek Canyon Hike

Spring Creek Slot scaled

I guess I’ll just steal my review from what I posted on AllTrails about the Spring Creek Canyon hike.

“Just did this hike today, and it was amazing. The first half of the hike was in the sun and not as pretty as the second half. We completely love slot canyons and the amazing colors and geological formations that the second half had to share. . The natural spring water cooled us off during the first half of the hike. This hike is on BLM land, which is perfect for Boondocking (staying overnight for free) We stayed at the Red Ledge RV Park Campground which is about five minutes’ drive away.”

Watch the video above to see the entire hike and our amazing boondocking spot.  

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