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A Day Trip to Anegada Island BVI

Want to learn Anegada Island BVI Hidden Secrets? We take a day trip to Anegada Island from Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Anegada Island BVI Hidden Secrets. Waking up early we have to be to the ferry terminal before sunrise to catch the first ferry and make it a great day. We were only 2 of 10 tourists on this Friday morning departure. The ferry ride took about 1 hour and we even got to pick someone up on Virgin Gorda island, which gave us a sneak peak at this beautiful place.

The Lobster Trap Bar Anegada The Adventure Travelers

Renting a Car

Arriving in Anegada was relaxed and low key. We walked about three minutes down the main road and ended up renting a “small” car type vehicle so we could keep the rain off us as we explored the island. We could see lots of dark squalls on the horizon and we knew it was going to be a wet morning. We first drove off to video the flamingos at the Flamingo Lookout. Driving on the left side of the road was a little intimidating at first but you get the hang of it really fast. I flew the drone as far as I could see it and still wasn’t able to get close enough to the flamingos to see what they really were on camera. Oh well. We explored the local beach and had a small sack lunch breakfast.

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Lots of Bars on the Beach

Off to explore Flash of Beauty Bar on the far east side of the island. Too choppy to go out and snorkel, so we ventured off to some other spots.

We next check out the Bamboo Beach Bar which was totally deserted. Not one other tourist around. Not even anyone that stayed the week there. No one. We had to whole place to ourselves, yet we had to venture on.

Walking up the sandy path to the Cow Wreck Beach Bar was beautiful. A few palm trees swaying in the breeze and what do you know? People. Okay only about five others but we were so spread out we didn’t even realize they were there. We had a couple of beers and went for a quick snorkel. Not the best snorkeling, but it was good to get wet.

After putting up the drone and catching some good overhead shots, we took off down the beach to Anegada Beach Club, where kite surfing is the sport to do. I used to kite surf but it takes so long to set up, I gave it up.

Flash of Beauty Bar

Best Snorkeling

Melissa and I decided to head back to Flash of Beauty Bar, since the weather improved and it calmed down a bit. This was our favorite snorkeling spot on the whole island. Lots of caves and more fish and sea life.

The day winds down

We noticed that some of the local ladies were having car trouble, so we asked if we could drive them home. They were so happy. We dropped them off in The Settlement and we ventured off to one last stop, The Lobster Trap. We had lobster sandwiches and then returned our car rental and waited for the return ferry. When the ferry arrived, it look about a half of an hour for them to offload all the boxes from Road Town. We boarded and enjoyed a beautiful trip back to Tortola. A great day. So glad we visited Anegada!

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