Beginning the Journey

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Our Story Begins

Want to Go on a Sailing Adventure?

We, (Michael and Melissa of The Adventure Travelers) planned for over ten years and finally made the leap. We sold our house and moved into a rental (three years prior to leaving our home port of San Diego, California), we sold one of our cars, sold most of our “junk” that we had accumulated and saved every penny we could, so we could sail to Mexico and the South Pacific.

In this blog and YouTube episode(below), we show some of the steps we took in order to make our dream a reality.

We met over 13 years ago, fell in love and blended our families together. Knowing we were going on an epic sailing journey, we took sailing lessons and traveled the world whenever we could, to gain experience. For over a decade we sailed when we could, taking friends and family out on San Diego Bay.

After our children graduated from high school and were happily in college for a year or so, we went “all-in” and purchased a 37′ Island Packet Yacht. The Adventure Travelers dialed in our new boat, doing a shakedown cruise to Catalina Island and hired our sailing instructor to co-Captain a cruise down to Ensenada, Mexico to show us the ropes of checking into a foreign port.

Subscribe now and join us each week as we venture through Baja, Mexico, the Sea of Cortez, sailing along mainland Mexico and eventually sailing across the Pacific Ocean to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, the Tuamotus, French Polynesia and Hawaii.  Later in the blog, we drive our RV through the USA, All of Canada and spend a month in Alaska!

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