Campground Hookup Terminology

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Campground Hookup Terminology

When searching for a place to camp, use the terminology below to help you find what you are looking for.

Boondocking / Dry Camping = No Hookups

We, as The Adventure Travelers, love to boondock.  To boondock, simply means living off-grid or dry camping.  Boondocking allows us to save a lot of money, while at the same time, live closer to nature.

Our RV allows you to live for a long time without hookups.  Ensure your fresh water is full, your grey/black water tanks are empty and you can safely get to where you are going, without the need to get towed out (expensive)!  Our RV is not a 4X4, so please don’t go off-roading.  There is active GPS and tracking on our RV, so we will know if you are or have been off road.Lightning Rig The Adventure Travelers

We do have a solar package (for an additional fee) that keeps the batteries charged in sunny conditions, or you can use the generator to keep the batteries charged up.  We also have a 7-gallon freshwater jerry-jug, if you want to bring along additional water.

Please ensure you check the Convenience Center Panel daily, to ensure you have enough; water, propane, grey/black water capacity.

Our refrigerator works on propane or power, so you can still have cold fresh food for days and days.

There are many Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas, National Parks, and other areas you can explore, just ensure you know all the rules first.  Stay on designated roads!

With our Free WeBoost Cell Booster, you may even stay connected when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Important Note:  It is illegal and gross to dump your grey or black water anywhere except designated dump stations.  Please don’t do it.




This is what most people rent an RV for.  A campsite with full-hookups means that you will most likely have:

  • Power (usually 30 amp)Electrical Hookups The Adventure Travelers RV
  • Water (maybe not in Winter conditions, due to campsite pipes freezing)
  • Sewer dump (grey / black water)
  • Optional Wi-Fi
  • Optional Cable Television

Full Hookup Campgrounds or RV Resorts may offer a lot of other amenities like:

  • Pool/Spa/Jacuzzi
  • Playground
  • Lake
  • Fire pits
  • Close neighbors


This is a great campground option if you have already dumped your grey/black water.  A campground with partial-hookups usually has:

  • Power (usually 30 amp)
  • Water (maybe not in Winter conditions, due to campsite pipes freezing)

They may have an on-site dump station, but you drive up to it and dump/rinse.  Sometimes there is a long line for this service, so take that into consideration.  Most other RVer’s dump in the morning before they depart.

A lot of the State and National Parks are partial hookup and they can save you quite a bit of money.  Ensure you get the National Park Pass, which saves you money, per vehicle.

Sometimes the partial-hookup sites are a little more laid back and the sites are not right next to each other but you’ll have to check it out beforehand on the internet.

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