Our eBook on How to Make and Save Money while Traveling

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Now You Can Afford to Travel

Now on Amazon in Paperback and eBook

New & Revised eBook, How to Make and Save Money While Traveling

We packed this eBook with a lot of useful information for the novice traveler (recent graduate) and the most seasoned traveler (road warrior).

Our eBook makes a great gift for anyone who wants to travel cheap or make and save money while traveling.  Only $3.99 for the digital version and $9.99 for the paperback edition.

We have traveled the world for decades and most recently sailed our own boat across the Pacific Ocean, drove our RV across USA, Canada and Alaska and have visited numerous countries.

A few of our most viewed chapters include:

  • Should You Hire a Driver?
  • Stop Spending Money and Fund Your Trip
  • Travel and Money Saving Checklists
  • Earn a Living While You Travel

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