How is Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting your travel?

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How is Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting your travel?

As many of you know there is a massive restriction on incoming and outgoing travel in the United States due to the Coronavirus.  It may be that I’m an optimist at heart, but this is the best time to travel domestically than ever before, without being in big crowds.



People come from all over the world to explore the United States and all the amazing places here.  The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and so many other places beckon to be seen.  With the price of oil plummeting to a historic low, a driving vacation seems like a great alternative for the upcoming summer months. 

So many venues where crowds gather like concerts, organized sports and other places people congregate are being cancelled due to the Coronavirus.  It seems like the only substitute is to be outdoors, away from crowds and in the open fresh air. 


Travel Options

There are so many options to get you outside and into nature than ever before.  We use to find places to camp and to find hiking trails that are away from the crowds.  We have written some good blog posts and videos of some of our outdoor camping and hiking adventures.


Renting an RV

Of course, if you don’t have camping gear or an RV of your own, renting an RV is a great choice.  There are RV’s for rent nationwide and they are a perfect way to see the U.S.A. in the comfort of a motorhome or trailer. 

We rent our RV when we are not using it and it is a great source of extra income.  Each time we rent it out, we clean and sanitize the RV from front to back and launder the linens, so they are clean and fresh each and every time.  Also, due to the new viral threat, we treat the unoccupied RV with a 12 hour Ozone Generator flush to kill bacteria, viruses and other living organisms.  The ozone treatment is non-toxic and leaves no chemical residue.  After the ozone treatment, the RV is aired out thoroughly to ensure it is fresh and clean.


New Normal of Travel

If we can agree, this may be the new normal of travel.  Finding alternatives to larger crowds while taking your family on an ultimate vacation is within reach. 

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