Make Money if You Have the Time at the Airport

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Make Money if You Have the Time at the Airport


Make it Fun!


Give Up Your Seat and get a FREE Flight

If you have the time, you can make or save some serious travel money by giving up your seats at the airport.  As you may know, the airlines overbook to ensure they fill up every plane.  If a flight is overbooked, the gate agent may ask for volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for vouchers, meals and/or hotel rooms. Often times, the airlines are so appreciative that you have given up your seat on a totally booked flight, that they may upgrade you to First Class on the next flight.  Not too bad for just chilling at the airport for a few extra hours.

Ensure you know what you are going to get BEFORE accepting to give up your seat.  Some airlines offer some really good deals, and others may not be so good.  This is a great time to brush up on your negotiating skills.


The Ticket Agent and Flight Attendants

A FEW TEACHING MOMENTS: Treat all with respect.  Don’t ever expect an upgrade, but go out of your way to show compassion to ticket agents and flight attendants. Just do it out of the kindness of your heart and you may be rewarded.

Talk to the agents by name and/or compliment them on something you truly like about them or explain how helpful they have been to you.  Immediately hand over your passport or ID without being asked.  If you give the impression that you know what you are doing, it can make quite a difference in the attitude of the agent.

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We always treat our flight attendants with respect and it sets the tone for your entire trip.  We believe that thanking people and treating them with kindness leads to good karma. It doesn’t hurt to let them know that it’s your birthday, anniversary or special celebration because you just may get an upgrade or a little extra special treatment.  Sometimes they are looking for fun too!

On our trip to Costa Rica, Melissa thought ahead and brought a few materials to make earrings while on the plane. Once we got situated, Melissa took note of each of the flight attendants personal styles and created a unique pair of earrings for each one.  As each flight attendant walked by, we gave them their gift which they immediately tried on with genuine smiles.  Within 10 minutes, we were engaged in fun conversations with all the flight attendants.  We expected nothing in return and that is what karma is all about.

Since flight attendants usually stay over in the same destination, ask them for some real “inside” information, like where to go, what to eat, etc.  They may be able to give you some great money saving tips if you ask the right questions.

These rules, of course, apply to planes, trains, boats, ferries, and other modes of transportation.

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