Top 10 RV Apps & Websites to Have

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Top 10 RV Apps & Websites to Have

We have found the best of the best Top 10 RV apps and websites to have.  If you are boondocking or want full hookups, need gas, or need to find RV information quickly and easily, then these are the apps and websites you need now!

  1. Gas Buddy The Adventure TravelersGas Buddy

We use the Gas Buddy app all the time.  It not only finds the best price for gas in your immediate area (by using the GPS on your mobile phone) but it also can give you directions to that station.  It has a handy rating system, so you know beforehand if the station has top marks or not.  Also, as the app grows, the data is becoming more enhanced.  A lot of the stations have an “Amenities” section and the app has a great filtering system too.

  1. Allstays The Adventure Travelers
    Allstays Camp & RV

This app is probably our most used app when we are on the road and not boondocking.  It has everything!  Allstays offers both a Desktop Pro Version and a feature rich app.  Use the incredible filter system to narrow down exactly what you need.  The app lists more than 30,000 campgrounds across the USA and Canada (both public and private), State and National Parks,  Forests, County and City Parks, BLM sites and so much more.  The list goes on and on.  We used the app for all the above and when we were really in a crunch and driving long distances.   The Allstays app helped us to find the nearest overnight sleeping areas like Walmart, casinos, truck stops and a multitude of other spots.

  1. Google Maps The Adventure Travelers

    Google Maps

Almost all apps worth their salt that use navigation, work with the Google Maps interface.  However, if you want to cut out the middleman app, so to speak, you can use the Google Maps app to find that certain place you’re looking for.  We’ve used other navigation apps and one (I won’t mention names) drove us so far out of the way, that we were doing hairpin turns in the snow in the middle of Idaho, which was not fun.  Google Maps is very robust and has so many features including; satellite & traffic layers, one tap location, a built in compass, terrain overlay and so much more.  We also use Google Maps when walking and biking.

  1. Boondockers Welcome The Adventure Travelers

    Boondockers Welcome

We used Boondockers Welcome quite a bit when we were on the east coast of the USA and in Canada.  We can’t say enough good things about the app and the people that open their home parking spaces to the users.  Using the app, you find where you want to stay a day before you need the space and you use the app to find a suitable location.  Once you find your location, you call the host(ess) and ask them if they have availability.  They generally give you verbal directions to their location and you really need to take their directions seriously and not count on GPS, as some of the locations are off the beaten track, which is why they are amazing.  Most locations only offer just a parking space, while other locations may offer power, water or other amenities.  We had one host, who is a retired plumber and he supplied us with full hookups.  We didn’t pay a penny.  He and his wife are RVer’s and they open their property up to visitors to, “pay it forward” to travelers needing a safe and hospitable location.  We have many new friends because of this app and the hosts who make it work.

  1. Harvest Hosts The Adventure Travelers

    Harvest Hosts

The Harvest Hosts app is another great app that allows you to boondock in some amazing locations for free.  We have stayed at some wonderful places, including several wineries, museums and even farms.  It’s a win/win.  The hosts allow you to park for free, hoping that you will come in a purchase something as a small measure of gratitude and you get a safe and friendly place to sleep overnight.  We never had a problem paying for anything.  We were going to purchase wine at some point, so why not purchase a bottle where they are giving you free parking with an amazing view (and you don’t have to drive home, because you’re already there).

  1. Passport America The Adventure Travelers

    Passport America

Want to save 50% on over 1,900 campgrounds?  Well, this is the app for you.  You can search by nearby parks, list by city, search all and save your favorites.  Of course, to save 50% on campgrounds, you need to become a member for $44.  It is well worth the membership, since you can save that much the first night at a “have to” overnight at a more expensive campground.  The app has additional features such as trip routing and even an RV leveler, where you use your mobile device to level your RV correctly (of course, you can do that with your compass app on iPhone too).  Also, try their website, it is packed with useful information.  Anyone that is on the road for more than a few days will benefit with this app and the associated membership.

  1. Alltrails The Adventure Travelers

    AllTrails Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails

Our primary reason for being RVing is find amazing locations and get outside and hike.  The AllTrails Hiking app helps us in so many ways.  First, you can search with a variety of filters like, best match, popular and closest, then choose the difficulty that you’re looking for from easy, moderate and hard.  The filters just get crazier from there, where you can really dial into the hiking you really want to do.  We like it best because we can research a hiking trail in depth before we ever head out.  Most users of the app rate trails and take pictures along their hikes, which is REALLY helpful.

  1. Garmin Earthmate The Adventure Travelers

    Garmin Earthmate

You can download this app and use it as a great handheld hiking navigation map, however you need to subscribe to the Outdoor or Hunt service provided by Garmin for around $24.  The app allows you to download topo maps and use them offline when you’re out in the bush.  The app gives you great topo, hybrid and aerial maps, as well as waypoints and route navigating, tracking and location sharing and much more.  If you purchase the Garmin inReach Explorer you can communicate from virtually anywhere on the planet.  The best thing is the device pairs with your smartphone and you can send text messages, just like you would anywhere else.  You do have to sign up for a monthly communications package, but it is worth it.  When we sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to French Polynesia, we texted our friends and family whenever we wanted.  Each time someone received one of our texts, they got our GPS coordinates, so they knew exactly where we were, our speed and our course.  This gave everyone a sense of security.  The device also has a SOS feature which mobilizes a team of rescue personnel in the event the SOS is enabled.  This is the one app and device we never leave home without.

  1. Campendium The Adventure Travelers


Our new favorite free app and website.  We have used this website and app to scout out so many amazing spots in Utah for our super adventure.  We will be boondocking most of the time while we are in Utah hiking all the great spots that you’ve seen on Instagram and everywhere else on the internet.  Campendium shows in detail amazing spots, the capabilities of the local telecommunication carriers, some serious filters, detailed information about the parking spots and how to get there (even with GPS coordinates), and in-depth reviews from previous travelers (like us!)  Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about this free app.

  1. RV Checklist The Adventure Travelers

RV Checklist

We have only just begun to use this app.  If you’re a list oriented person like I am, then you will love this.  It is packed with Trip Planning lists, Standard Checklists, Maintenance and Systems, RV Info and Stats and a variety of other options.

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