Travel Checklist

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Travel Checklist

This checklist is to be used a reference and not to be taken literally, since each person and trip is going to be different.  We tried to put all we could into this list and want you to only use what you think you may need.  We really believe, “less is more” especially when traveling long distances.  Unless you are backpacking through the jungles, we also encourage you to use a “rolly” bag and not a huge backpack.  

Before you go (week to months)
Doctor prescribed Anti-Malarial medication (if visiting Malarial zone)
Passport with at least 6 month validity (Note: If you don’t have a current passport, it may take months to obtain one
– ensure you take this time as a consideration)
Travel Visa (check with the country you are visiting to see if needed)
Know your location and plan accordingly – It actually snows in some mountainous parts of the tropics – plan your clothing
Know if your hotel/accommodations has air conditioning – it can make or break your travel if you are expecting this and it’s not there

Before you go (days)
Send off any bills that will be due before your return
Deposit any checks before you go
Set “Out of Office” email and voicemail
Have neighbor pick up mail or notify post office to “hold mail”
Remove perishables from refrigerator
Reschedule any services (maids, etc.) that may come while you’re away
Take out garbage or have neighbor take out your garbage
Turn off water to house – keep water to yard still going
Timer lights in house – Have close neighbors keep a watch on your house
Ensure you have a pet sitter or responsible party look after your pet(s)
Leave instructions for any pets (for pet sitter)
Leave food and water bowls out – Clean kitty litter
Photocopy of Passport/Drivers License/List of contacts/Itinerary/Updated Will, etc.
   Leave one copy at home, take the other and put in your backpack/carry on
Travel & Medivac Insurance – Mandatory for Indonesia & Maldives
Identification (driver’s license)
Airline tickets and Itinerary
Strap-Type Travel Wallet to hold tickets, $$, credit cards, etc..
A good-sized, carry-on travel back pack (small enough for airline overhead compartment)
Credit Card(s) (notify your credit card company of your destinations before you go – this will alleviate any questions        they may have on foreign charges)
Cash – Travelers Checks
Exchange money at airport into destination currency – enough to last a day

Men’s travel bag:
Dress Clothes – if staying at upscale areas
Nice Pants / Belt / Dress Shoes / Undershirt / Dress Shirt / Underwear / Socks
Workout Clothes
Underwear / Socks / Shorts / Swim shorts / Tennis shoes
Hat, Reef Booties, Rash Guards – short and long sleeve
Sunglasses (polarized preferred), Board (swim) shorts – at least 3 pair, Regular walking shorts – 1-2 pair
Light weight casual clothing, Wetsuit vest, Hiking shoes, Socks, Sandals (Slippers/Flip Flops), Light Rain jacket

Woman’s travel bag:
Workout Clothes
Underwear / Socks / Shorts / Swim shorts / Tennis shoes
Sarong (you may be able to buy it cheaper at your destination)
Hiking shoes / Socks
Rash Guards – short and long sleeve
Sunglasses (polarized preferred)
Bikini or swim wear – at least 3 pair
Regular Shorts – 1-2 pair
Lightweight dresses
Pretty shoes
Sandals (Slippers/Flip Flops)
Light Rain jacket / Wetsuit vest
Birth control
Sun Hat / Reef Booties
Small jewelry
Extra nail polish  

Kids travel bag :
Pillow / Toys / Pull-ups or diapers
Stuffed animals
Mask/Snorkel / Swim wings or life jacket
 Crayons / coloring supplies

(Important note: Always carry your personal medication in your Carry-On bag)
Health Check-Up
Update Immunizations – Typhoid & Hepatitis advised for Indonesia
Anti Malaria Medication
Larium, Malerone, or Doxycycline for Indonesia
Cipro (Doctor prescribed – tell your doctor about your travel plans)
Chewable Pepto and/or Immodium AD
Personal Medication
Basic Medical Kit
Mosquito/Insect repellent
Waterproof sun block
Antibiotic cream

MP3 player / Batteries / Chargers
Handheld Games
Electricity Adapter (know your electrical voltage requirements)
Cell phone
Cell phone Charger
Will your cell work internationally?  What are the charges?
Underwater Camera – Film – Batteries
Digital Camera – Batteries – Charger – Back up Battery – Empty Memory Cards
Small laptop (or netbook) with all connection cables (if you are a digital photographer)
All chargers
Computer lock
Large memory flash drive – keep in separate place from computer
Underwater Video Camera & Housing – Videotapes – Batteries – Charger
Still Camera and Film if needed

Energy snacks (dried & packaged)
Nutrition bars Nuts  /Chocolate
Water and/or hard refillable water bottle

Personal Items:
Toiletry bag
Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Hairbrush / Shampoo / Shaver / Underarm deodorant / Sewing kit / Dental floss / Hair spray / Lotion / Waterproof Makeup / Razors / Tweezers / Small scissors /
Contact case and solution
Face cleaner / cream
Hair scrunchies
Business cards (you never know who you are going to meet)
Sunglasses (two pair) – Protect them/ensure they don’t get scratched
Background information on place your traveling to / Contact Info / Contact Consulate
A multi-use tool (ensure you do not pack this in your carry-on bag)
Beach Towels (Bulky – One each or buy a cheap one at destination and leave it)
Novel – Magazines to read on the plane/destination
Light sheet for those hotels that are a little dicey
Maps of locations and/or driving directions
Muleskin notebook for travel stories
Ear plugs to block out unwanted noises
Quick dry micro-fiber hand towel
Address book and pen rPortable Mosquito Net rTravel alarm clock
Insect repellent Lip balm  Lotion
Eyedrops Travel wipes /Extra glasses
Dirty clothes bag / Compact umbrella / Wine bottle opener / Small fan Lightweight backpack

Everything else:
Drinking alcohol (best bought at Costco or at Duty Free just prior to leaving)
Note destination and religions
Duct tape / Day bag (backpack) /Masks& Snorkels
Duffel bag / Wet/Dry Bag / Stain stick

What NOT to bring:
Jeans/Denim rAnything black in color /Hair dryer / curling iron
Anything polyester /Limit women’s shoes to 1 high heal, 1 flat, 1 closed toe Only take your most comfortable separates

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