Travel Warnings, Safety and Security

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Travel Warnings, Safety and Security

A Knowledgeable Traveler is an Alert Traveler

Don’t let all your hard work and savings go away in a few minutes.  Always be vigilant and know your surroundings.


Sorry to say, but thieves and criminals are everywhere.  When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere.  You can be in a five star hotel or in the outback, where you think you’re alone.  Those statements aren’t meant to scare you, but only mentioned to keep you aware.

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Melissa and I were enjoying a beautiful afternoon on the beach in Tahiti, letting the hours slip by as we awaited our evening flight back home.  Earlier in the day, we passed by two young men, who looked a little suspicious, since they were exchanging multiple wallets.  Later, we saw one of them on the beach walking slowly by, eyeing the people who were sunbathing asleep on the beach.   He slowed and knelt down about 20 feet from a young woman lying on her towel with her eyes closed.  The thief looked directly at us and brazenly crept over to the woman’s purse and grabbed it and walked off.  I took off to get security, as Melissa watched the woman awake to find her purse missing.  I returned with the security officer and we had to tell the woman what happened.  Being a victim can happen anywhere.  Be safe and be aware. NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN A PUBLIC PLACE.


While Melissa and I were on our sailing cruising trip through Mexico, we thought it would be great to drive a thousand miles from Puerto Vallarta, through Mexico City to Acapulco and then up the coast.  We knew the risks of banditos, murderers and kidnappers (very high chance in Mexico City) while driving through Mexico.  We also knew that Mexico has an amazing toll roadway system that is patrolled and fairly secure to drive on.  We ensured that we only drove during the day and we had our Garmin GPS (with SOS button) on us, in case anything happened.  It was an amazing trip and we loved every minute of it.  Always drive during the day in unsure areas and let someone know your route and when you will be back.

You can purchase a GPS device  for a few hundred dollars.  You can also enjoy unlimited texting in any spot on the globe (except caves).  We take our Garmin GPS when we go hiking, driving or even camping.  With a single press of a button, it activates an SOS signal and identifies your location.  Depending on where you are, a series of events begin to happen in order to find your location and get you to a safe place.  However, solid judgement can protect you in most situations!

Don’t Show Off Your Jewelry

When we travel out of the country, Melissa leaves her wedding rings at home and wears a sterling silver wedding band.  I do not bring a watch.  You are taking chances if you wear your expensive jewelry, watches and even carry designer purses and luggage.  Thieves are smart and can detect someone with money, if you flaunt it.  Travel should be about the great experiences… and not the unfortunate ones.

Contact The US Department of State

As mentioned previously, contact the US Department of State and research the travel warnings in the area you wish to travel.  It will go a long way to help your awareness.

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