USA – Boston – Family time

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USA – Boston – Family time


We drove through the beautiful Catskill Mountains heading towards Boston, Massachusetts where we would meet with Melissa’s family.  

If you have ever driven in an RV you would know that driving through certain areas could be very difficult.  Boston is a very difficult place to drive and I would heed that you do not try to enter downtown at all. There are numerous low height bridges that you would have to avoid and it would be a hairy drive. 

We decided to camp at Boston Minuteman Campground. The campground is about 45 minutes from downtown Boston and it was very secluded in the woods and allows you feel like you are really camping. They offered a lot of activities and Melissa and I went through and played them all. 


After we were settled in, we unloaded the Prius and drove into Boston and met up with the family. It was a kind of rainy day but we made the best of it.  We decided to drive to the outskirts and take the subway into town. Melissa’s uncle Paul was our tour guide since he lived there most of his childhood life. 

We decided to walk around Boston Commons and saw some pretty amazing historical sites. We went into the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill and also went into the House of Representatives, since they were out of session. 

Melissa’s family flew into Boston to attend a memorial service for Melissa’s grandmother.  It was a great service and, grandma once again, brought us together with a lot of family that we had not seen before or in a long time. 

We all made the best of a challenging time.

Being back together again we went to downtown Boston and visited sites like Faneuil hall, Boston Harbor,  The Blackstone block and other famous sites. 

Family Roadtrip

We also drove up to Salem and learned of the witchhunt there and then went to Gloucester to have some more lobster rolls. 

It was a shame to have to say goodbye to Melissa’s parents, her sister and brother-in-law, her uncle and so many others but they had to move on and so did we. 

It cost quite a bit to stay at the Minuteman campground but we didn’t mind since we got to enjoy all this time with our family. 

The best part was, when Melissa and I left the campground, we started driving and then looked at each other and the following video happened. 


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