Bringing Back the RV

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Bringing Back the RV


We hope you had a trip of a lifetime!  Don’t worry, you can always rent with us again.

Below are some answers to questions you may have about bringing back The Adventure Travelers RV.


When and Where do we Return the RV?

Most likely we have already set a pre-determined location and time with you, for the return.  Since we are local to San Diego, the return will most likely be at the San Diego Bay parking area, where we did the initial walkthrough.  Due to ever-changing requests though, we will have already discussed what location and time we will meet at.  We can deliver/pick up anywhere in North San Diego County or the Temecula area.


Do we Have to Clean the RV?

Yes.  We have listed all the resources needed to clean the RV prior to returning it.  If the RV is not clean, you run the risk of forfeiting your security deposit (or more).


How Long will it take to go through the Return Process?

Usually the Return Process is only about ½ hour.  We understand you may have flights to make and want to get home and unpack and share your amazing adventurous stories, so we will do whatever it takes to get through the return process.  To streamline the process, you can already fill out the The Adventure Travelers RV Return Form and we will go through our RV Return Checklist and have you on your way.


What if something Broke or there was Damage to the RV?

If something breaks on your trip or there is damage to the RV, please let us know as soon as it happens (pictures and written logs are great).  We will try to fix the small things ourselves at no cost to you, however, if there is significant damage, we will have to work with Outdoorsy or RVshare (submit a claim) and may hold your security deposit.

When do I get my Deposit Back?

While the $1,500 deposit (equal to the Outdoorsy and RVshare insurance deductibles) is technically returned within 7 days, our policy is to return it to you within 48 hours, in most cases.


What happens if I don’t receive all/some/any of our Deposit?

We withhold deposit money for the following reasons:

  1. Insurance claims requiring the $1,500 for the insurance deductible
  2. Any damage that will cost less than $1,500
  3. Extraneous miles traveled outside of the 100 miles per day (or 500 miles per trip)
  4. Not following our fine print rental charges such as returning it filthy, not emptying the tanks, etc.


Can we Extend our Vacation or Have the RV Longer?

We hope so!  We want you to enjoy our RV, however other renters may have it reserved, so please contact us as soon as you know you want to keep your vacation going.  If it’s available, we will do whatever we can to help.

Please text or call us directly!  You should have our contact info, however if you don’t, it’s in, The Adventure Travelers RV Rental Guide.

We have to work with the Outdoorsy or RVshare scheduling software to ensure it all works out well.


What Should We Do on our Last Day?

We recommend that you are already heading back to San Diego (or in San Diego) and you don’t have a long 5 to 8 hour drive ahead of you.  You went on vacation to de-stress, don’t make your last day a stress-filled one, sitting in rush hour, rushing to clean the RV, dumping the tanks, getting gas and all that.  We suggest the last day, you camp somewhere local with Full-Hookups, where you can do most of the last minute stuff and leisurely make it to the Return Area.


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