Cleaning the RV

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Cleaning the RV

Our RV is beautiful both inside and out.  It’s what you expect and what we expect.  Hopefully, you have chosen our RV because of the many amenities that come with it.  We will deliver it to you and your family clean and we expect that you will deliver it back to us clean.  This not only saves the wear and tear on our RV, it saves you MONEY!  Most of the other rental RV’s will charge you a lot of money as a, “Cleaning Fee”.  We don’t.  However, if the RV comes back dirty, we will charge you a $200 Surcharge, which we will take out of your Deposit.

“Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Do Your Share”The Adventure Travelers RV Cleaning Supplies

We provide everything for you to do a spotless job.  Cleaning supplies are under the sink and in the outside bin just underneath the outdoor television.

It’s super-easy.  When we are camping in the RV, we typically sweep every night before we go to bed (who wants to climb into bed with dirty feet?) and keep things tidy daily.

Read the Contracts

Before departing with our RV, you will have signed several documents including:

  • Liability Contract
  • Inventory Checklist

We want to make your vacation is as pleasant as possible and we really don’t want to charge you for anything extra, if we don’t have to.

RV Cleaning Resources in San Diego

We suggest that your last night in the RV, you choose a site with Full-Hookups, so you can dump/rinse the RV grey/black water in the morning before returning the RV.

Dump sitesSaniDumps in San Diego

Gas Stations (Gas Buddy App)

Allstays App

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