Cheap Travel – Do Your Research

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Cheap Travel – Do Your Research

Now You Can Afford To Travel, but Do Your Research

“I can’t afford to go there.  It’s too expensive.”Money The Adventure Travelers

We have heard that statement so many times, yet it has never stopped us. If you can dream it, you can do it!  Of course, only you can put your dreams into ACTION. Your travel starts with a good solid plan because it’s critical for affordable travel.

There are so many different places to go around the world, that sometimes the most difficult thing is to figure out where you want to go next. Regardless of the exotic places you want to see, you CAN afford it with a solid plan and research.


Know Before You Go and You Will Save Money

Knowing WHEN to go on your trip could affect how much money you will spend.  If you want to save money and go to the tropics in the rainy season, you’ll need to pack more rain gear than if you visit in the dry season.

Most of the time you can get cheaper rates going in the “off season,” however, the point of the trip is to enjoy yourself and slogging through mud for a week on your dream trip may be a nightmare. There are cheaper fares in the off season and a lot less crowds too, so weigh the pro’s and con’s. The Adventure Travelers are all about research and educating yourself about your destination.  It goes a long way.

The internet is a great resource, but heed our warning, Photoshop in the hands of some marketers can make a dismal location look stunning.  Always, get a few opinions and check out sites like for reviews from other travelers prior to booking.  You can also search Pinterest and Instagram for locations where people have traveled, in addition to sending them private messages to learn more about the locations they have posted.


Know What’s Going On at Your Destination Before You Go

There are many destination factors that can affect your travels.  During a trip to Fiji, we missed flying into an uprising coup by a couple of weeks.  The streets were shut down and there was civil unrest.  Luckily for us, it was over by the time we arrived.

Research where you want to go and check weather, local information and/or news, months and weeks prior to departing.  You can stay updated and find TRAVEL WARNINGS by visiting sites like US Department of State. Typhoons, uprisings and even giant festivals are just a few things that can impact your travel plans.

Even localized community situations can impact where want to go.  We were staying at an upscale resort on the Big Island of Hawaii and during the week, the resort had a very relaxed atmosphere.  Once the weekend hit,  the resort reduced the rates for the locals.  The tranquil and relaxing resort turned into a jam packed noisy mess.

Know before you go!

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