How Do I Rent The Adventure Travelers RV?

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How Do I Rent The Adventure Travelers RV?

It’s so easy!Outdoorsy 175 The Adventure Travelers

Go to our Page on or

Select the dates (if available) that you want to rent

Ensure you select the mandatory (by us) CoachNet 24/7 Roadside Assistance offered by Outdoorsy.  Outdoorsy’s RV Insurance is Free, RVshare’s is not.RV Share TAT RV Pic w logo

RVshare offers roadside assistance Free, however, you need to purchase the RVshare Insurance (required by us), so check out the difference and see which option is best for you.

Look over all the details and give us some background about you, your family and your trip (like where you intend to go, if you’ve ever RV’d before, how many people are coming)

Then simply, click the Request to Book  button!

Outdoorsy requires that you complete and pass a driving verification step, which checks to see if you have a valid driving license and a clean driving record (this helps us too, knowing we are getting a great driver).

We will contact you and we can chat about anything you want to know and vice versa.

Picking Up the RV

After you arrive, we’ll need about an hour or so, to go through the operation of the vehicle and drive around the block as part of the RV rental insurance requirements.  In addition, we’ll pack-up and sign off on our pickup document which covers a damage / problem list, odometer reading and gas levels, as well as our release of liability.


Travel Period

While traveling during the Outdoorsy or RVshare booking window, we require the RV to be fully insured (through Outdoorsy or RVshare, so you will not need to add any new insurance to travel.  This gives you (and us) the freedom of a worry free trip!  That being said, accidents or problems can occur and in that case, please contact us immediately with any issues.


Dropping Off the RV

When you return the RV, we’ll have about a 30-min walkthrough to document any newly incurred damage, review inventory and sign-off on updated miles.


Helpful Links

Now that you’ve booked, read some of the most important details about renting and operating The Adventure Travelers RV!  See the following links:

Rent The Adventure Travelers RV

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