Canada – Eastern Canada

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Canada – Eastern Canada


New Brunswick

Melissa and I once again loaded up our RV and headed north.  Our next stop was in St. George, New Brunswick, Canada.

Since we love to live on the cheap, we utilized the Harvest Hosts app one more time and got a great spot at a blueberry orchard.

Once we were settled in, Melissa and I went on a hike to get our blood flowing. We stumbled on this little beautiful picturesque town and found the street that seemed to be named after us.

We have been spreading my dad’s ashes all across the United States and figured St. George would be another great resting place for him, since his name is also George.  We also felt it was fitting to leave his name plaque there as well.


Nova Scotia

We wanted to go to Nova Scotia and watch the amazing tides rise and fall, so we contacted our next host from Boondockers Welcome and ended up staying in his backyard for a few days.  It was great because he provided us with power and water for free, while we stayed on his property.

This Boondockers Welcome host had some great stories to tell us, since he and his wife travel to Mexico in their RV every winter.

We drove around the area and saw some amazing sites and went on some nice hikes to waterfalls.

Of course, our mascot, Dino the Dino, wanted to get some pictures in as well.

Driving to Kejimkujik National Park, we went on several hikes and ended up renting a canoe to explore some of the back country.  We were so glad we did.  We saw lots of Beaver dam’s and tranquility really set us at ease.

Since we wanted to do a true adventure that not many people get to do, we contacted The Nova Scotia River Runners tidal bore rafting company.

We literally placed ourselves directly in the path of a tidal wave.  First, watching it come up and over our legs. Then we jumped into a raft and rode the tidal bore for miles and miles.  It was one of the most fun things we’ve done.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, it was already late June and we knew we wanted to get to Alaska before the season ended.  We knew that I had a lot of driving ahead of me but we figured we could make it.


Prince Edward Island

Since we didn’t know if we would ever be in this part of Canada again, we decided to make the trip to Prince Edward Island. Once again, we used Boondockers Welcome to secure us a great place to stay while we checked out PEI.

Our host is an RVer as well, and he had the best BW spot we had been to so far.  He provided power, water and a dump station for us to use, on his beautiful property.  We were in awe, since all of this was free and he had done all the infrastructure himself.

After exploring Prince Edward Island for a few days, seeing the foxes, exploring the beaches, and more, we ended up having drinks with our hosts, TheMacDees. They were an amazing couple and luckily their daughter and her adopted daughter we’re visiting at the same time. He even helped me troubleshoot our icemaker in the RV.

We have me some of the most amazing and genuine people while traveling.



Canada’s 150 year celebration was coming up and another RV couple was coming to utilize this amazing location. The host told us we could stay, but we wanted to give the next RVers the great welcome that we had received, so we decided to move on.

We contacted another Boondockers Welcome host near Quebec City, Quebec and he was more than happy to host us.

We got a little lost on the way to his house, and he was nice enough to drive out to the main highway to help bring us in.  Once we were settled, he offered to supply power to our RV which really helps, so we don’t have to run our generator.

The next day, we followed him into town to find the best way into Quebec City since it was extremely busy, being Canada Day and all. He found us a perfect little parking spot right near the ferry.  We had to walk up to someone’s front door and knock and give them the parking fee so we could park in their little lot. It was pretty funny, since the elderly couple was very eclectic with tattoos and piercings everywhere.  Not what we expected.

We took a ferry across to Quebec City and it was supposed to rain all day, however, we were able to walk around most of the day without any downpour.

The city was beautiful and due to the festivities, there were parades, raising of the colors and lots of pomp and circumstance.

Melissa and I hiked around the city, visited the Citadel, and had a wonderful lunch at a bistro type restaurant near the street.

We have so many pictures of share, if you have time, go by our Facebook page for more.

Our own country was about the celebrate our 241st Birthday, so we camped at Plaisance National Park for the 4th of July.  I believe we were the only US citizens there.

It was a wonderful place. We rode our bikes for miles and miles up and down the river.

On one of our adventure hikes, we stumbled on a cool little oasis the locals turned into a beach shack on the shores of the river.

Now July was in full swing, so we needed to put some miles on our RV to make it to Alaska, so we headed off into the sunset, making our way west.


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