Be a Master Chef in our RV

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Our RV is Perfect for the Chef in the Family!


One of the main features that sold us on our RV is all the counter space for cooking.  There is so much room to make whatever you desire.  With a three-burner propane stove, oven & microwave, there is no stopping your creativity!

Of course, the RV also comes with all the things you need to make a great culinary creation, including:

  • Non-stick pots, sauce pans, skillets, cookie sheet
  • Mixing bowls, measuring cups, plastic pitcher
  • Sharp knives, spatulas, tongs, whisk, wooden spoons
  • Plates, bowls, coffee cups, drinking glasses, tea kettle
  • Toaster, coffee maker, ice maker in freezer, ice cream scoop
  • Wine opener and stopper, beer opener, scissors
  • Aluminum foil, sandwich bags, plastic bags, clothes pins
  • Salt & pepper, olive oil, spices, cutting boards
  • Butane lighter (for lighting oven)


Using the appliances

This is a one-appliance-at-a-time RV! (Like all the other RV’s)


You will have to be plugged in to a 30 amp circuit or have the generator running to use the Microwave.  The Microwave uses a lot of energy, so please ensure that you are NOT using other high-energy appliances (like; hair dryer, air conditioner, coffee maker, etc.) at the same time.  If the circuit breaker or fuse blows, please refer to The Adventure Travelers RV Rental Guide.



Do not drive with Stove Top glass up.

Since the stove works with propane gas, it’s super-easy to turn on.  Open up the glass cover, all the way.  Locate the burner knob that corresponds with the burner you want to ignite and turn counter-clockwise to Lite Hi and then turn the Top Burner Spark ignition knob (far left knob) clockwise too, to fire up the gas.  Easy!



First, please ensure that you lift the Protective Glass on the Stove Top all the way because it will get hot and trap gas.  Take everything out of the oven before igniting pilot light.

The oven is easy to get going, but may require a little more effort (this is a safety feature).

Turn Oven knob (far right dial on range) counter-clockwise to the Pilot On setting.  While pushing in the Pilot On knob, look directly under middle rack and follow the silver metal gas prong all the way to the back of the oven, light the butane lighter and place fire at the far back of the oven (you should see the pilot ignite).  Once the pilot light has ignited, you can adjust the oven dial to the desired temperature.  If you have any questions, please refer to the video (internet connection needed).

Fire Alarm

We always suggest that you open the windows, have the overhead fan going and/or the hood vent working before and during meal preparation, using heat.  The overhead fire alarm is very sensitive (to even steam), so please have air flowing.  Your safety is important to us, so we also have a secondary (backup) fire alarm in the overhead cabinets.


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