Using RV Generator Power

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Using RV Generator Power


There are a variety of reasons why you may choose to use the onboard generator.  You may be boondocking or at a campsite with no hookups.  Usually, if you’re in one of these situations, congratulations, you are most likely closer to nature and not your next door neighbors.

If you are in a campsite, be aware that there may be “generator only times”, where you can only use the generator within a certain time parameter.  This way, everyone gets to enjoy the sound of the waves, birds, fire or other natural sounds.  Although our generator is somewhat quiet, it still does create noise.


So, What Does the Generator Do?The Adventure Travelers RV Generator Open

It creates power.  It creates AC power (like in your home), the generator creates its own power using gas from the RV (unleaded gas from the gas tank).

When you use the generator, you can use the Microwave, A/C, heater, electrical outlets, etc.

The generator also charges the house batteries, which allows you to use all the 12V power devices like, televisions, USB chargers, water pump, lights, and more.


How Do I Turn On the Generator?Convenience Center Control Panel The Adventure Travelers RV

  1. Ensure there is enough gas in the gas tank (unleaded fuel that you use when driving the RV).
    1. You need to have at least ¼ tank of gas for the generator to work (this is a safety feature, so you aren’t stranded in the middle of nowhere)
  2. Ensure you are NOT plugged in to any external power. You should not have the black 30 amp electrical cord plugged into anything.
  3. At the Convenience Center console, depress the Top Right Black Button down that says Stop/Prime. Hold the button down for 5 seconds and then depress the Start button until you hear the generator fully catch (turn On).  Wait until you hear a beep and the Microwave clock turns on.
  4. Just like with AC power, you should only use high voltage units, one at a time.  You cannot use the microwave at the same time you are using the A/C, toaster, etc.


How Do I Turn Off the Generator?

  1. Simply go to the Convenience Center console and depress the Top Right Black Button down that says Stop/Prime.  Hold it for about 5 seconds.  This action should turn off the generator.  Easy!


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