Problems, Accidents and/or Troubleshooting Help

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RV Problems, Accidents and/or Troubleshooting Help

Camping in an RV can be full of fun and adventure for the whole family, there’s just no better way to experience the great outdoors!  But an RV is basically a house on wheels.  Between the vehicle itself, the appliances, convenience systems, power and water, etc. there’s a lot of things that can go wrong or cause stress, if you aren’t an RV mechanical expert (which we are not).

Luckily, when renting The Adventure Travelers RV through Outdoorsy or RVshare, you can relax, knowing that help is just a phone call away.  Here’s some additional detail for when things go wrong and what to do about it.

If you run into any operation or driving issues, you’ll want to contact the 24/7 roadside assistance hotline provided through a partnership between Outdoorsy/CoachNet or RVshare.

Things such as:

  • Flat tire – Both Outdoorsy and RVshare
  • Need a tow – Both Outdoorsy and RVshare
  • Dead battery – Outdoorsy/CoachNet Only
  • Appliance problems (i.e. A/C, heater, stove, fridge, etc.) – Outdoorsy/CoachNet Only
  • Power, water or sewer problems– Outdoorsy/CoachNet Only
  • Generator issues– Outdoorsy/CoachNet Only
  • General operation trouble-shooting– Outdoorsy/CoachNet Only

For further information about the Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance program, please click:

CoachNet Overview

Roadside Assistance / CoachNet FAQ

And remember, you’ll need your CoachNet membership ID number that’s provided to you when you sign up (you’ll receive it via e-mail, keep that handy).

For further information about the RVshare Roadside Assistance program, please click:

Roadside Assistance / FAQ

Once you successfully book a rental on RVshare, they will email you your free 24/7 roadside assistance membership card. This membership card will contain your membership ID, 24/7 support phone number, and a 24/7 support email address. You can either print out this card or save it to your SmartPhone or Tablet.

Damage to RV or Other Vehicle/Property

If you’ve been in an accident, damaged the RV, or damaged someone else’s vehicle or property, there is an insurance policy in place through Outdoorsy and RVshare (when you sign up – which is mandatory), however, depending on what the damage is, there is a $1,500 deductible.  You’ll want to contact us (contact info in The Adventure Travelers RV Rental Guide) to ensure we’re up-to-speed on what happened and to start the claims process, however, if there’s an immediate need for assistance, you’ll want to contact Outdoorsy’s or RVshare’s claims department directly.


Operation Manuals

While the operation manuals currently ride with the RV in book form, we’ve decided to post them online as well.  It’s amazing how a quick review of a small issue can result in resolution with these old school, but highly informative manuals!

Forest River Class C Motorhome Owners Manual

Onan RV Generator Handbook

Rent The Adventure Travelers RV

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