RV Media Entertainment

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RV Media Entertainment

Our RV has all the newest electronics you may need to unwind after a day adrenaline.  Being off-grid doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

Surround Sound/DVD/BluetoothThe Adventure Travelers RV DVD Surround Sound

We have a Jensen Surround Sound system in the main living area that connects the DVD player to the television, as well as digital television reception via the antenna on the roof.  There is so much you can do with this system that we can’t write it all here, since that would require the manual, however we will leave the Quick How To literature on the RV, in the Media Entertainment remote drawer.

Outdoor Speakers

Listen to your favorite music outside if you want, with two stereo speakers!  Everyone camps differently and if you want to chill outside while the trees gently sway back and forth, that’s an option.  Please be considerate of the volume and know the rules of the RV park.

Bedroom TV/DVD with Chromecast (requires 110V for Chromecast – behind bedroom TV)The Adventure Travelers RV Bedroom TV

If you have a mobile device (like an iPad) you can stream the video straight to the Bedroom television via the Chromecast device.  Just ensure you have it plugged in to the 110V outlet behind the TV (in the closet) and plug in the Chromecast Password (in The Adventure Travelers RV Rental Guide)

DVD/Bluetooth/Phone in Driving Area

I really don’t know why they have a DVD player in the driving area, but it’s there.  Of course, you cannot play a DVD while driving (the system won’t let you) but you can hook up your mobile devices via Bluetooth to listen to Pandora/Spotify (if you have these) or a Podcast, etc.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth interface

  • Ensure another mobile device is not connected via Bluetooth
  • If you have tried a few times and still can’t connect, choose Forget Device and try to pair to the Bluetooth setting again

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